UT Assemblies & Wear Soles

Cantoola LLC manufactures and distributes a variety of UT Assemblies and Wear Soles (Shoes).  You will find our products interchangeable with what you are using today, at a very attractive price and with availability that is from stock to 4 weeks.  Our quality products are MADE IN THE USA in the state of Michigan by skilled machinists!  Send us your blueprints or correct sample tools for custom UT assemblies and Wear Soles (Shoes) for competitive quotation today!


UT Assemblies

We manufacture and distribute complete UT assemblies used in most spiral and plate mills in North America!  No minimum order required!

UT Assembly Components

Buy individual pivot clamp, probe holder, bracket, plate, clamp, shaft and hardware kit.  No minimum order!

New Wear Soles (Shoes)

Cantoola can help you with your UT wear soles too.  We make them from stainless steel, 4140, UHMW or other materials at your request.  A print or correct sample wear sole is needed for us to quote and manufacture them for you.

UT Assemblies for Water Tube

NEW:  We are now offering a choice for the water tube:  standard brazed tube or threaded (upon request) to accommodate a male NPT fitting!
Specify when ordering.

Reworked Used Wear Sole Shoes

Send us your used steel or stainless steel wear soles for re-surfacing.

You should expect a significant cost savings in excess of 50% and new life for your old wear soles!

Reconditioned UT Assemblies

Send us your used UT assemblies for repair!  We will give you an estimate before doing any work, and return to you reconditioned units combining parts that could be salvaged and new parts.  Put those old units to work for you, and at a significant savings!


Stock Cutting Tool UT Assemblies & Wear Soles

We Are you frustrated by long deliveries on your UT assemblies and wear soles?  We have your answer!

  • Cantoola is now stocking several sizes and replacement parts for your assemblies.  Delivery is 3-4 weeks on non-stock assemblies.  Our UT assemblies are compatible with most current market brands.
  • Please find the enclosed flyer of our UT assembly complete with part numbers for your convenience.  We also have included pricing on the reverse side of the flyer.  Our products are made in USA!
  • We have included information about our company and other products that we handle.  Feel free to click around on our website or contact us with any questions you may have.  Thank you are we look forward to working with you!


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Service Oriented

Cantoola is a customer service oriented business that is able to meet your every tooling need.  Our sales team specializes in bringing you great products with quality you would expect from a world class supplier.

Quality Driven

Cantoola is a quality driven company with an emphasis on getting your order right the first time!  We have our own in-house quality department where we inspect your order for compliance before it ships!


Cantoola is a well-established industrial distributor with an excellent reputation among our customers and suppliers.  Our sales team has over 70 years of industrial knowledge to provide high quality service to our customers.

Our Promise:  Cantoola LLC will provide great service with quality products that support and bring value for our customers needs.

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